Thank you to all who made

The Son of Sounds of Silents

Silent Screams

spooktacular events!

Event Sponsor:

Brown and Brown Auto Group

"The Son of Sound of Silents!" was brought to life through the efforts of many
dedicated "Igors" all committed to bringing this unique Event to our community
for your enjoyment and the Benefit of KVSO and KVYSO. Here are but a few.

Planning Committee and other Contributors:
"Gallows" George Kwain, "Lurking" Laura Hays,
"Haunting" Halina Guniela, "Gory" Gary Wright,
"Spooky" Shari Ebert, "Dangerous" Diane Siaroff", "Slithering" Shauntia
Mettlin, "'Scary' Sharon Richardson, "Petrified" Paul Germano, "Phantom" Phil
Angelo, "Jack-O-Lantern" James Faford, Steve Emme, Linda Lippold,
Pat Forquer, Paula Sutter, Becky Brown, Jerry Kuntz, Heatherann Erickson,
Joann Powers, Barbara Schwark, and Shannon Moore, President of KVSO

Event Hosts:
The Paramount Theatre
One Sixty-Four North
Kankakee Public Library
ONU practice facility
City of Kankakee and
Mayor Epstein
Phil Angelo for
spooky articles in program
Star Radio
Milner Broadcasting
Kankakee County Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Steve's Auto Sales
Sounds By Design
Herman Bauer for
horse drawn hearse

Performers & Promoters:
community orchestra volunteers
Allan Dennis, Conductor
Kavin Sampson, Keyboards
Gary Wright, Host
Mike Tomano, Presenter
KVTA for Haunting the streets
Acting Out Theatre Co for scaring
the public into coming

Big Sky Balloons and Searchlights
Jesse Arseneau
Spirit Halloween Store
Debi Prussner for decor
Chicago Public Library
University of North Texas Library
Acting Out Theatre Co. for
stage set design 

Design Contributors:
Joann Powers for design of
program book
"Enhancement" Barb Johnson for
poster design
Adcraft Printers, Inc.
Kankakee Community College
Snider-Wells Photography

Program ad Sponsors:
*Look in the Book

The list is, without a doubt, incomplete, as there are many people behind the scenes working whose contributions may go unnoticed but not unappreciated.

Finally, to everyone who took the time to attend and journey back to a time long ago....

until we meet again!